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NSI's evolving legacy has led to robust real-world solutions across multiple business sectors. Over twenty years ago, Natural Selection, Inc. was incorporated as a computer consulting business. During that time we have helped revolutionize the adoption of machine learning and computational intelligence by industry. NSI remains at the cutting edge by evolving innovative solutions for its customers today.














The U.S. Food and Drug Administration awards members of the PREDICT Enterprise Project Development Team including Natural Selection, Inc. with a FDA Honor Award "for design, development, testing, evaluation, and support of PREDICT, FDA's new system to improve public health through better targeting of imported products for examination."

Dr. Lawrence J. Fogel recognized with the inaugural IEEE Frank Rosenblatt Award, a technical field award of the IEEE "For extraordinary and pioneering achievements in computational intelligence and evolutionary computation."

Dr. David Fogel recognized with the IEEE Kiyo Tomiyasu Award "For outstanding contributions to the science and technology of computational intelligence and to the development and expansion of that field."

NSI researchers publish a paper in the Proceedings of the IEEE highlighting the development of an evolved neural network that taught itself to play chess at the grand master level.

NSI assists Isis Pharmaceuticals with the development of evolutionary algorithms for RNA structure search and analysis.

NSI assists Beckman Coulter with algorithms to extend DNA sequencing reads on the CEQ2000 sequencing machine.

NSI scientists featured in the New York Times and Nature for their development of evolutionary algorithms that learned how to play checkers at the human expert level with no pre-programmed expertise.

Natural Selection, Inc.  highlighted in US News & World Report for its applications of evolutionary computation.

Natural Selection, Inc. ranked by Business Week to be in the top 25 institutions conducting basic and applied research in the area of biologically-inspired algorithms. The company was also featured on MSNBC's "The Site".

NSI personnel helps develop improved evolved models for breast cancer detection in mammograms with accuracies similar to trained radiologists

NSI develops software for Caltrans to optimize freeway on-ramp metering using evolutionary algorithms.

NSI assists Agouron Pharmaceuticals with the development of AgDock, an in silico drug discovery platform using evolutionary programming.

NSI founded in San Diego, California by Dr. Lawrence Fogel, Dr. David Fogel, and Mrs. Eva Fogel.

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