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Supply Chain Optimization


Natural Selection, Inc. has supported integrated systems that adaptive assign delivery vehicles to specific jobs in order to best meet customer demand. Often, these vehicles have particular components or supplies that are scarce or require specific expertise. In this case, it becomes important to combine scheduling vehicles with personnel. Natural Selection, Inc.'s efforts have included refueling gas stations, and coordinating the activities of multiple deliveries of different goods and services simultaneously. Natural Selection, Inc. has also helped improve scheduling in complex industrial settings, including those found in clothing, manufacturing, and supply chain optimization.

Process Optimization


Natural Selection, Inc., in support of CalTrans and the Institute of Transportation Studies at the University of California at Irvine, has used evolutionary computation to model optimal ramp metering for freeways in the Southern California region. Using high-fidelity simulations that incorporate sensor information gathered in real time, Natural Selection, Inc.'s software was able to rapidly adapt to incidents as they occurred.

Financial Research and Market Forecasting


Natural Selection, Inc. has supported multimillion-dollar organizations in pricing their products more effectively. Using historical and projected pricing data, Natural Selection, Inc. successfully applied computational intelligence tools to make more accurate forecasts about product demand. We've also assisted with the prediction of market trends for financial forecasting as well as models that help identify fraudulent behavior.  



In support of the Federal Aviation Administration, Natural Selection, Inc. helped develop computational intelligence algorithms to better detect unwanted intrusions in the FAA's internet and intranet systems. These algorithms worked by detecting anomalous behavior, without relying on predefined examples of potential threats.


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