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Threat Profiling & Risk Management


Natural Selection, Inc's patented advanced pattern recognition and self-learning data mining techniques using evolutionary computation have been applied to detect threats in computer networks, seaborne commerce, port security, and other areas, resulting in improved screening. Our work with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) developing the administration's Predictive Risk-Based Evaluation for Dynamic Import Compliance Targeting (PREDICT) tool for targeting of imported products for examination led to a 2010 FDA Honor Award. PREDICT reduces the risk of potentially unsafe products entering the commercial sector, and expedites the entry rate for those products that are in compliance with FDA regulations. This increases the efficiency and efficacy of FDA inspectors.

Perimeter Security & Sensor Fusion


Natural Selection, Inc. has applied evolutionary computation to the development of complex, robust, mathematical algorithms enabling the detection and classification of a range of threats using sensor arrays. Under funding from DARPA, Natural Selection, Inc. used a combination of evolutionary computation and nonlinear modeling to provide situation awareness in settings for the U.S. Marine Corps. Natural Selection, Inc.'s approach was able to aggregate the information in multiple seismic sensors in order to gain insight into what types of objects or numbers of people were traversing a designated area.

Modeling Adversary Intent



Using our proprietary software tools, Natural Selection, Inc. can translate intent and purpose into quantifiable expressions. When coupled with evolutionary computation, this technique can help forecast threats and suggest appropriate courses of action.

Command & Control (C4ISR)


Using our state-of-the-art evolutionary planning algorithms, Natural Selection, Inc. has proven advanced technologies in dynamic situation assessment and prediction. We have developed advanced autonomous capabilities for UAV mission and strike planning.

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