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Valuated State Space®

The Valuated State Space® approach, invented by Natural Selection’s president, Dr. Lawrence J. Fogel, is a means for distilling the purpose to be achieved in quantitative, machine-understandable terms.

Problems often go unsolved because they are left ill-defined, or even undefined. The first step to tackling a difficult problem is to understand the problem. The Valuated State Space approach provides a detailed, hierarchic description of the parameters of concern, their relative importance, and the manner in which achievement with respect to one dimension can interact with achievement with respect to another dimension. The Valuated State Space approach offers a unique top-down system for clearly spelling out purpose or intent in terms of ends instead of means.

Most solutions to problems never address the real problem, but rather only some extremely simplified description of it, often in terms of least squared error or linear constraints. The Valuated State Space approach, when coupled with evolutionary computation, neural networks, fuzzy systems, and other technologies, provides a means for generating specific solutions for your specific problem.