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Evolutionary Computation

Evolutionary computation, one of the fastest growing areas of computer science, involves simulating the essential processes of Darwinian evolution on a computer in order to optimize solutions to a particular problem.

The computer begins with a population of candidate solutions, or "parents." From these parents, "offspring" solutions are created through a process of random variation and selection. The parent and offspring candidate solutions are then competitively scored for fitness. The highest scoring (those that are the best solutions) and kept and used as parents for the next generation. The process of variation and selection iterates, improving the quality of the solutions through competition.

The Darwinian process is carried out in fast-time so that many thousands of generations can be evaluated, often in minutes or even seconds on standard PCs. For a simple demonstration of how evolutionary computation works, contact Dr. Gary Fogel for a software demonstration of how evolutionary computation quickly solves the Traveling Salesman Problem.

Natural Selection, Inc. has unique expertise in devising and designing appropriate representations, variation operators, and selection procedures to match the task at hand, allowing us to customize the broad technology of evolutionary computation to find solutions for specific problems. This can offer an invaluable advantage.

Natural Selection's founding president, Dr. Lawrence J. Fogel, helped pioneer the use of evolutionary computation in the 1960s and the technical staff remains ahead of the curve in advancing the state of the art.