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November 29, 2012

Dr. David Fogel Receives Mamdani Prize from European Centre for Soft Computing

Dr. David Fogel Receives Mamdani Prize from European Centre for Soft Computing.

Oviedo, Spain - In a ceremony hosted by the European Centre for Soft Computing, Dr. David Fogel received the Cajastur "Mamdani" Prize for his work on a self-learning chess program that taught itself to play at the level of grandmasters. Dr. Fogel provided a public lecture on the opportunities that computational intelligence methods offer to solving real-world problems, as well as games such as chess. The ceremony was attended by public dignitaries and representatives of Cajastur. "It was terrific to have the opportunity to travel to Spain and receive this recognition," said Dr. Fogel. "I enjoyed the opportunity to share the excitement of what can be done by mimicking life's processes on computers." The Mamdani Prize is given for outstanding theoretical and real applications in soft computing during the past decade.

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