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October 11, 2012

Natural Selection, Inc. Partnering with Southwestern College on Drug Research

Chula Vista, CA - Southwestern College chemistry Professor David Hecht is partnering with a San Diego technology company on research for anti-malarial drug discovery. Funded by a grant from the National Institutes of Health, Hecht has joined with Natural Selection, Inc. to develop predictive models of protein evolution for a key drug target, dihydrofolate reductase, in malaria.

Through a comprehensive series of analyses, Hecht and researchers at Natural Selection, Inc. are looking to identify adaptive changes in the protein that will help the team anticipate responses to drug therapies. "This research represents a bold new direction in anticipatory drug design," Hecht said. "In addition to the great science we will be doing, this project allows Southwestern students to participate in cutting- edge research."

Southwestern and Natural Selection, Inc. have a history of collaboration in anti-malarial research. "We look forward to once again working with Southwestern College to develop entirely novel drug discovery approaches that can be used to combat malaria," said Dr. Gary Fogel, chief executive officer for Natural Selection, Inc. "The resistance to drug therapies in the wild offer us a critical challenge for the future of drug discovery."

About Natural Selection, Inc.

Natural Selection, Inc. was founded in 1993 to address complex problems in industry, medicine, and defense. The company possesses unique expertise in computational intelligence techniques, including evolutionary computation, neural networks, and fuzzy logic. The corporation's research efforts support the discovery of new pharmaceuticals, the automated detection and discovery of important patterns and processes in bioinformatics and medical informatics, computer-assisted diagnosis, and a variety of military and industrial projects.

About Southwestern College

Established in 1961, Southwestern College is the only public institution of higher education in southern San Diego County, serving approximately 400,000 residents of communities including Bonita, Chula Vista, Imperial Beach, National City, Nestor, Otay Mesa, Palm City, San Ysidro, Sunnyside and Coronado. The College District offers more than 300 associate degree and certificate options. More information is available at www.swccd.edu

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