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October 9, 2012

Natural Selection, Inc. Receives Patent for Interactive Evolutionary Computing Applied to Reducing Tinnitus

San Diego, CA - Natural Selection, Inc. is pleased to announce that is has been awarded a patent from the United States Patent and Trademark Office for a new method for alleviating tinnitus, also known more commonly as "ringing in the ears." Tinnitus affects about 1 in 6 people, or 50 million Americans, and between 5 million to 10 million suffer with tinnitus at levels that are debilitating. Traditional methods for addressing tinnitus involve either masking the ringing with other noise, such as the hiss of white noise or with sounds from nature such as waves crashing or rain, by retraining the brain to stop creating the ringing. The latter approach often incorporates an attempt to match the tone of the ringing and present that tone to the afflicted person to listen to over and over again. After some time, their brain may adjust and no longer create this tone.

The method for which Natural Selection, Inc. has received a patent differs from traditional retraining. It involves playing a series of tinnitus masks to an afflicted person and having them rate the success of the mask both while it is playing as well as after it stops playing, addressing the important aspect of inhibiting the ringing from reemerging after the mask halts. After the subject rates the masks for effectiveness, an evolutionary algorithm creates new "offspring" masks from the more successful "parents." These are then presented to the subject, who rates them again, and the process continues.

Preliminary trials were conducted with this method under funding from the National Science Foundation and were encouraging. "We're now looking to partner with medical device manufacturers or others as appropriate to pursue bringing this technology to market so that it can help millions of people here in America and around the world," said co-inventor and CEO, Dr. Gary Fogel. Interested parties can find the issued patent #8,273,034 online by clicking here

Natural Selection, Inc. was founded in 1993 to address complex problems in industry, medicine, and defense. The company possesses unique expertise in computational intelligence techniques, including evolutionary computation, neural networks, and fuzzy logic. The corporation's research efforts support the discovery of new pharmaceuticals, the automated detection and discovery of important patterns and processes in bioinformatics and medical informatics, computer-assisted diagnosis, and a variety of military and industrial projects.

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