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Mr. Karl M. Torgerson is a senior staff scientist of Natural Selection, Inc. After receiving his B.A. degree from Luther College in Physics and Mathematics, he served for 21 years as an active and reserve commissioned naval officer and was intimately involved with the development and execution of strategies for the employment of carrier-based tactical jet aviation. He has over 4,000 logged pilot hours.

After his naval career he has performed consulting services for DOD contractors as well as other corporate and private sector clients. Services revolved around the development of custom software for the automation of existing business processes and the unique requirements of new and emerging business activities. He was instrumentally involved with the development and implementation of the largest non-DOD computer network control center's operating and disaster recovery procedures.

He was Program Manager on the development of a test and evaluation process designed to analyze the potential benefits of including medical data with other tactical battlefield data for bigger picture development that would be available to commanders. He has continually participated in the entrepreneurial community to develop new business opportunities including, real estate development, franchise opportunities, e-commerce, data processing, and others. He is intimately aware of the Valuated State Space® Approach and the manner in which it can be applied in various settings.

For more information please see the NSI Publications Library or email Mr. Karl Torgerson at: ktorgerson [at] natural-selection.com