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George H. Burgin, Ph.D.

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Dr. George H. Burgin has more than three decades of experience in the areas of artificial intelligence, applied mathematics, and communications theory. He received the degree of Diplom Ingenieur from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology and earned a Ph.D. from the same institute. He worked previously for Triton Network Systems, where he was responsible for the development of communications algorithms (forward error correction) and their implementation in embedded DSP-processors or in ASICs. He was granted U.S. Patent 6,298,096 for work performed in this area. He was previously a senior staff member at Titan's System Division, where he applied evolutionary programming, expert systems, and neural networks for flight control and mission planning systems. Prior to this, Dr. Burgin worked with Dr. Lawrence Fogel at Decision Science Incorporated and performed some of the first research in applying evolutionary computation to games and system identification in the late 1960s.

Dr. Burgin's research interests include application of neural networks and evolutionary algorithms to solve real-life problems and the development of efficient adaptive linear and nonlinear filters.

Selected Publications

Burgin GH (1992) "Using Cerebellar Arithmetic Computers," AI Expert, June, pp. 32-41.

Burgin GH (1990) "Artificial Neural Networks in Flight Control and Flight Management Systems," Proceedings of the 1990 IEEE National Aerospace and Electronics Conference, Vol. 2, pp.567-573.

Burgin GH (1985) "Rule Based Air Combat Simulation" (NASA Contractor Report 3985).

For more information please see the NSI Publications Library or email Dr. George Burgin at: gburgin [at] natural-selection.com