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Chief Executive Officer

Gary B. Fogel, Ph.D.


David B. Fogel, Ph.D.

Senior Staff Scientists

George H. Burgin, Ph.D.

Joe Rothermich

Karl M. Torgerson

Sevan Ficici, Ph.D.

Tim Hays

Staff Scientist

Enoch Liu

Facility Security Officer

Vincent William (Bill) Porto


Natural Selection, Inc. was founded in 1993 by Dr. Lawrence J. Fogel, Dr. David B. Fogel and Mrs. Eva Fogel. Natural Selection, Inc. relies on many technologies to address difficult problems such as factory scheduling, agent-based combat simulations, homeland security, and drug design. Our problem-solving techniques are based on the technology of evolutionary computation, which our lead scientists pioneered. Natural Selection's chief scientists have engineered ways in which evolutionary computation can be combined with other computational intelligence technologies, including neural networks and fuzzy systems. The result of our research and development of computational intelligence technologies is our unparalleled ability to quickly produce solutions to complex and dynamic problems.

Our software does not require preprogrammed human intelligence (or expert systems) to discover solutions. Nor does it rely on supercomputing power. Instead, it produces effective solutions in fast-time on ordinary desktop computers, resulting in the generation of novel solutions to some of the most challenging problems we face in real-world settings. Natural Selection, Inc.’s revolutionary software can go beyond the limits of human knowledge and allow the computer to generate and test its own solutions to problems.

Applications of Natural Selection’s technologies have been used to produce solutions to problems in: bioinformatics, medical diagnostics, pattern recognition, data mining, perimeter security, price optimization, route scheduling, autonomous vehicle capabilities, and risk management.